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has 1,020 homes that are conveniently located along Babcock Road and west of the scenic Leon Creek Linear Greenway Park at the edge of the Texas Hill Country in San Antonio, Texas. This well-established neighborhood is a short ride from University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and the Medical Center. Whether you are an Oxbow homeowner or renter, you are welcome to participate with the Oxbow Neighborhood Association (ONA). For more information, select the Who We Are tab

Very few residents pay dues now. What little is in the treasury pays for electricity on the entrance island, plus website hosting for this website. The lights need to stay on--a dark entrance is an invitation to more crime. And this website helps us stay informed about issues in our neighborhoods. For more about this, see here:

Join C.O.P. (Cellular on Patrol)

Help keep Oxbow safe and "fear free!"
Call S.A.F.F.E. Officer, Raul Alonzo, for information.
(210) 207-5825

Sept.-Oct., 2014, C.O.P. Report


Theft             Aug. 18, 2014      5 p.m.         6800 block of Enchanted Spring  

Theft             Aug. 20, 2014      6 p.m.         7000 block of Spring Leaf 

Assault          Aug. 31, 2014     2:20 a.m.     11500 block of Spring Crest 

Assault         Sept. 1, 2014      12:25 a.m.    6800 block of Mountain Spring  

Burglary     Sept. 1, 2014       8:50 a.m.     7100 block of Spring Drops  

Burglary     Sept. 1, 2014       4:30 p.m.     6800 block of Enchanted Springs  

Burglary      Sept. 12              7:30 p.m.     11700 block of Spring Dale      

Assault        Sept. 20               8:35 p.m.     11200 block of Spring Rain     

Assault       Sept. 20              4:30 p.m.      6700 block of Hickory Springs  

Burglary    Sept. 21                5:00 p.m.      6800 block of Maple Springs     

Theft          Sept. 21              9:00 p.m.       11800 block of Ocean Spring    

Theft          Sept. 22               12:01 a.m.    6900 block of Sunset Village  

Theft           Oct. 2                6:00 a.m.       11700 block of Spring Song

July-August, 2014, C.O.P. Report

Crime                     Date                     Time                           Address

Assault                 June 6                    8:20 p.m.            11800  block of Spring Arbor

Burglary               June 17                 2:00 a.m.             7000 block of Spring Leaf

Theft                    June 22                 9:00 a.m.             11700 block of Ocean Spring

Assault                June 24                 10:50 p.m.           7100 block of Spring Drops

Assault                June 29                  9:27 p.m.            7200 block of Spring Morning

Assault                July 1                     10:15 a.m.          11700 block Spring Club

Assault                 July 10                 1:35 a.m.             6700 block of Hickory Springs

Theft                      July 22               8:00 a.m.             6900 block of Sunshine Tree

Assault                  July 29                5:00 p.m.             6700 block of Hickory Springs

C.O.P. Report, May-June, 2014

  Crime            Date                Time                  Where?

Theft       April 9     12:01 a.m.          7100 block of Spring Drops

Assault    April 10   12:12 a.m.         11700 block of Spring Club

Assault   April 10    9:00 a.m.           11700 block of Spring Club

Theft       April 11   7:00 p.m.           1700 block of Spring Point

Theft       April 15   5:28 p.m.           11400 block of Spring Rain

Theft        May 14    5:30 a.m          Hickory Springs--caught by police at scene
Theft        May 15    1:00 a.m.         11400 block of Spring Rain
Theft         May 18   12:12 a.m.       7200 block of Spring Flower
Burglary   May 18    4:50 a.m.        11700 block of Spring Ridge
Assault       May 29   2 p.m.            7200 block of Spring Flower

    • C.O.P. Report, March, 2014


  Crime            Date                Time                  Where?

  1. Assault            March 31         1:50 p.m.   6800 block of Arbor Spring
  2. Assault            March 23         4 p.m.         11700 block of Spring Rain
  3. Home break-in   March 21      8 a.m.       11700 block of Spring Song (caught at scene)

  4. Burglary        March 18          5:30 a.m.    11200 block of Spring Rain

  5. Assault           March 18         9 a.m.           Spring Rain (4 males beating someone)

  6. Assault           March 13         11:30 p.m.    11700 block of Spring Club

  7. Theft              March 12         4:09 p.m.      6700 block of Hickory Sprgs

  8. Theft               March 3           3 a.m.           7100 block of Spring Drops

  9. Assault           March 1           8 p.m.            11700 block of Spring Rain

  10. Theft               Feb. 28            9:30 p.m.       7000 block of Spring Forest

  11. Theft               Feb. 28            6:00 p.m.       6600 block of Pebble Sprgs

  12. Assault            Feb. 15            3:45 a.m.       6700 block of Hickory Sprgs

  13. Burglary         Feb. 13            11:30 a.m.      7100 block of Spring Terr.

  14. Assault           Feb. 4              11:00 p.m.      11700 block of Spring Life
C.O.P. Report, February, 2014

On January 17—an attack was reported by a woman on the Ox Bow Park trail at 10 p.m. on a Friday night.  On Jan. 29
 it came out that it was a hoax. San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said the allegation about an attack that took
 place on Jan. 17 on the trails at the Leon Creek Greenway never happened and the woman just made it up. Police Chief
 McManus said, “This simply didn't happen. Crime is actually down in the parks -- way down -- and it’s just 
unfortunate that the city and people who use these parks to go and relax and exercise had to have that concern.”

Police presence has been stepped up in the area. But they encourage anyone walking or jogging in the area to keep 
these crime prevention tips in mind:

  • Be aware of your surroundings and know where you are at all times.
  • Don’t be distracted by your phones, tablets, etc.
  • Don’t wear ear buds in both ears while walking or jogging to music.
  • Avoid walking or running alone.
  • Avoid isolated or deserted areas.
  • Be aware of the potential hazards that exist of walking or jogging when it’s dark.
  • Bright/reflective clothing or mini lights are recommended if it’s early morning or dusk.
  • If you are walking and anything makes you feel uncomfortable, trust your instincts, keep your phone handy and prepare to take action.
Report suspicious or criminal activity to police right away.
[Cellular-on-Patrol (C.O.P.) Coordinator, Kristi Castro]

Membership Drive 
Please consider joining ONA now. Your membership and participation is important to the survival of ONA. Membership dues are:  $15.00 per year for one voting member per household.  $25.00 per year for two voting members per household. Mail check or Money Order made out to Oxbow Neighborhood Association, PO Box 690711, San Antonio TX 78249. For more information, email info@OxbowSA.org. 

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